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trade Futures & trade FOREX

trade Futures & trade FOREX

Trading Rates for Offshore Trader
investors Europe,  offshore stock brokers, offers global offshore investors direct execution and trading services for all major exchanges in all global Futures product sectors, including:
·         Interest Rates
·         Equity Indices
·         Foreign Currency
·         Energy
·         Agriculture
·         Precious Metals
·         Non-Precious Metals
Depending on your knowledge, the frequency with which you trade and the trading service you need, investorsunitedstates as global offshore stock brokers provide different bespoke gateways to global markets via broker assisted trading, direct access trading or automated trading systems.
Check out a small selection of our more specialised trading platforms:  
·         J-Trader
·         CQG Trader
·         StrategyRunner
·         Ninja Trader
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Offshore Trader
investorseurope is the only global offshore stock broker to provide a comprehensive and independent choice of offshore trading platforms such as Touch FX  to trade FOREX Markets, the largest financial market in the world, with a daily average turnover of well over US$1.5 trillion.
investorseurope offshore stock brokers offer direct access to Forex trading for private and institutional clients over the phone or via our offshore trading platforms. For further information please contact us.
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Global Trading Solutions for the Offshore Trading Community
investorsunitedstates.com is part of the investorseurope network of offshore stock broker sites serving offshore traders and the offshore trading community online through the net in 69 different countries.
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